Introducing QKR (pronounced quicker) by mastercard, the secure and easy way to order and pay for school items from your phone at a time and place that suits you.

1: download QKR on the apple or google play stores. 2: Reguster your country of residence and follow the steps. 3: Find our school, you will need to be within 10km of us or search for us with our school name. 4: Register your children

Add your childrens details in student profiles: select add student profile, add each childs details, manage each childs details in student profiles

Purchase school items: select a menu from out school, select child you are ordering for, select your items, tap checkout then confirm and pay

Making payments: add up to 5 cards to your wallet, at checkout select which card to pay with, pay with any cards accepted by the school, once your payment is approved you can continue to the home page or view your receipt