When visiting a department for education online service you may encounter an EdPass login screen. Please note that the login process will vary depending on your location.


Logging in from Mark Oliphant College

Edpass will automatically pick up that you are located at Mark Oliphant College and will display a Mark Oliphant College branded login window. Login by entering your Mark Oliphant College curriculum login credentials. These would be the same as you would use to access a device.

Note: Your username on this screen will be your shortened username, entering @moc.sa.edu.au will cause an error


Logging in from Another department school

When accessing a department service from another site the EdPass login window will automatically display for the respective School. Your login credentials will not immediately work. Please select 'Trouble log

ging in?' where some new options will become available.

From here you will need to use your @schools.sa.edu.au login details. Selecting a different site is unlikely to work and will redirect to the school you are currently located at.

Logging in from a public internet service

If you are logging on from a home internet service, mobile phone, or any other form of internet connection not located at a Department for Education site you will be asked to first select a site, select Mark Oliphant College, then enter your curriculum device login details.