Link to Daymap login


  1. Download the Daymap Mobile App from the Apple App or Google Play stores

    Apple App store
    Apple Store QR Code
    Google Play store
    Google Play Store QR Code
  2. Click on the link sent by email to reset your password

    IF you did not receive the email we do not have your current email address on file. To update your email address send an email from your preferred email account along with your name and your child/children’s name/s to:
  3. Login
    To login enter your… Username: (  Password: Bananas1     …and press ‘Sign In’ (For ALL future logins you can login in with your email address OR your Daymap Code. Your unique Daymap Code is visible from the ‘account’ section of the Parent Portal / App. E.g. Johnny Parent Daymap Code: PARE01

  4. The Parent Portal

    Once you have logged in you will be taken to the Parent Portal where you will have access to a range of information and features. The Portal can be accessed from any device has more features than the App.
    Visual identification of elements of the parent portal featuring current years attendance, last years grade average, current subject grades, message hub, upcoming events, and absence notifications
  5. Using the Daymap Mobile App

    NB: the mobile App does not have all the features of the Parent Portal. To link your Daymap Parent Portal Account to the Daymap Mobile App click on the Mobile icon located on the top right hand side of the page      




Link to Daymap login